Biden Gets Cut Off as He Mumbles Incoherently And Then He’s Whisked Off Stage in Vietnam

President Biden was in Vietnam on Sunday where he was whisked past Communist leader Ho Chi Minh’s mausoleum and eventually to the Communist Party headquarters, where he and General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong solidified a new diplomatic pact that will enhance ties between the two countries regarding Communist China.

While in Vietnam, the site of one of America’s most socially divisive wars, President Biden gave a speech that ended in oddly abrupt fashion.

“We talked about at the conference overall, we talked about stability,” Biden said. “We talked about making sure that the third world, the, excuse me, third world, the Southern Hemisphere, had access to changes… had access. It wasn’t confrontational at all…” he added while stammering.

The president was then cut off by his handlers.

“Thank you everybody. This ends… the press conference. Thanks everyone. Thank you.”

Biden had talked about a new era of cooperation in Vietnam, and then added that it is not his intention to “contain” Communist China, despite its regional aggression and incursions against the United States.

“This can be the beginning of even a greater era of cooperation,” Biden said about Vietnam.

“I think we have an enormous opportunity,” Biden said. “Vietnam and



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