Biden Crime Family Linked To State Sponsor Of Terror – EVOL

The Biden crime family’s business deals have once again come into sharper focus.

Qatar is widely considered to be one of the largest state sponsors of terrorism—they fund religious fundamentalist groups all over the Middle East and cause trouble for all their neighbors.

Many believe that the bankrolling of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and funding for ISIS both came from this tiny country located in the Persian Gulf.

According to the latest reports, James Biden, the brother of Joe Biden, was doing business with Qatari officials—he was doing deals with their government.

Is this why the Biden administration is so soft with Qatar? Here’s what we currently know:

For months, the Biden administration has refused to name Qatar a state sponsor of terrorism for their support of Hamas. Today, Politico is reporting that his brother was in business with Qatari government officials.

— Nick Ballas (@NicholasBallas) April 28, 2024

A letter written by James Biden Sr. Joe Biden’s brother to Khaled Sultan Al Rabban is Director of the Office of the CEO of Qatar Investment Authority, a sovereign wealth fund with nearly $1 trillion in cash, may explain why Biden’s middle east policy is in favor



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