Biden Calls Xi the Russian Leader, Botches Lincoln Quote, Forgets Obama’s Name in Disastrous Speech – EVOL

President Joe Biden’s appearance before the nation’s governors at a black tie event on Sunday was an unmitigated disaster from start to finish.

At the National Governors Association Winter Meeting, Biden humiliated himself — and by extension, the office the presidency — by constantly botching historical quotes and being unable to correctly identify some of the most powerful world leaders.

One of the most embarrassing moments came when the hyper-partisan Biden complained about “bitter” politics and then invoked Lincoln’s “better angels of our nature” quote.

POTUS: “I wanna make sure I get the quote exactly right, ‘He said, slekjnrvzldkfljknvsjsfnsnbs;krmvsioera.’

— Breaking911 (@Breaking911) February 25, 2024

As Biden told it: “And, you know, standing here in front of this portrait of the man behind me here, he — he said — and I want to make sure I get the quote exactly right. He said, ‘The better angels –‘ he said, ‘We must address counsel — and adjust the better angels of our nature.’ And we do the — and we do well to remember what else he said. He said, ‘We’re not enemies, but we’re friends.” This is in the middle of — this is in



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