Biden Admits to Reporters His Mask Is Just for Show: ‘Don’t Tell Them I Didn’t Have It On’

Democrat President Joe Biden suggested to reporters that his 2024 election mask is just for show when he walked into a press conference without wearing the face covering.

As he approached the presidential lectern during a press conference, Biden was carrying the mask in his hand.

He then told reporters in the room not to “tell them I didn’t have it on” before placing the muzzle on his face to begin the press briefing.

“Let me explain to the press, I’ve been tested again today,” Biden said Wednesday.

“I’m clear across the board, but they keep telling me – because this has to be 10 days or something – I gotta keep wearing it [the mask].

“But don’t tell them I didn’t have it on when I walked in,” he added, prompting laughter among the corporate media hacks in attendance.

However, despite Biden’s insistence that he didn’t need it, he put on the mask to begin the press briefing to ensure the American people saw him wearing it.


Biden puts the mask on or else he gets the hose again:

“They keep telling me, because this has to be ten days or something, I got to keep



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