Biden Administration Fines Chatanooga Trucking Company $700,000 For Checking Employment Eligibility for Job Applicants

It is slightly unfair to say this is a Biden issue, because the minefield of verifying employment eligibility has been a weaponized DOJ process since Eric Holder entered the picture as Attorney General.   Both wings of the UniParty support the intentional conflict in employment law.  The civil rights division of the DOJ now uses a Lawfare concept called “disparate impact” to target any employer who would require employment eligibility verification as a contingency for a job.

Essentially, if you have a work eligibility screening process that disproportionally hits any protected category of person (ie. race, color, national origin, etc.), then the practice creates a “disparate impact” and is therefore unlawful.  Example: 100 people apply for a job; 50 of them are Latino. All of the applicants must provide work eligibility documents to process their I-9 form.  If more than half the denied applicants are Latino, the demand for the documents creates a disparate impact and is therefore illegal.

Covenant Logistics and Transport Management Services LLC, “routinely discriminated against non-U.S. citizens by requiring lawful permanent residents to show their Permanent Resident Cards (known as green cards) and by requiring other non-U.S. citizens to show documents related to their immigration status,” according



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