Biden Administration Discouraged Israel From Defending Itself Against Hamas Attacks In Now-Deleted Tweet

The Biden Administration is facing heavy criticism over a now-deleted tweet from the U.S. Office of Palestinian affairs that urged Israel not to respond to widespread attacks on civilians by Islamist terrorists from the Gaza Strip.

Widespread attacks on Israeli territory erupted with a fury on Saturday as thousands of rockets and mortar rounds were fired from the Gaza Strip into cities across Israel. In addition to the rocket attacks, Islamist militants infiltrated Israeli cities and proceeded to slaughter civilians indiscriminately. Horrifying footage has emerged that shows jihadists killing civilians in their homes, cars and bus stops while slain Israeli soldiers have been paraded through the streets in Palestinian territory.

At least 50 Israeli soldiers and civilians have been abducted into Palestinian territory as of this report, prompting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to declare a state of war and mobilize upwards of 100,000 reservists. Israeli Defense Officials have confirmed that battles with militants are ongoing in southern Israel, while offensive operations against Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip are underway.

While President Biden has yet to comment on the rapidly unfolding situation, a now-deleted post from the U.S. Office of Palestinian affairs is generating intense criticism. The post urged Israel



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