Biden Admin Rolling Out Pandemic 2.0 Preparations as CNN Barks ‘Break Out the Masks’

The 2024 election is coming. Is it any wonder that a new COVID variant just happens to be popping up? Many conservatives and Americans who think for themselves would say, “No. It was expected.”

The left-leaning intellectuals, the liberal elite, the propaganda media, the pharmaceutical companies, the Democrats, and, of course, the Biden administration are readying for the new COVID variant to catapult into a full-fledged pandemic. And all the usual suspects are assuming their roles in making it happen. This includes CNN, of course.

In a recent article informing readers it “may be time to break out the masks” to mitigate the spread of Eris, a COVID variant that has already begun to make its rounds, CNN took its place among a plethora of mouthpieces bent on creating a frenzy around the offshoots of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Americans remember what the country endured during the worst of the pandemic restrictions: closed schools, closed churches, closed businesses, and countless courageous people losing their careers because they stood against government mandates.

Of course, the current leader of the free world, President Joe Biden, is doing his part as well to bring back those dark days by recommending everyone embrace the entire



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