Biden Admin Funding Censorship Network to Flag 'Misinformation' in Private Messages – EVOL

Democrat President Joe Biden’s administration is funding several entities that are building a network to censor so-called “misinformation” found in the private messages of the American people.

Biden’s White House has been pumping millions in tax dollars into “censorship mercenary firms,” a former State Department official has revealed.

According to Mike Benz, who now runs the Foundation For Freedom Online, the Biden admin has been ramping up efforts to censor the American people.

Rather than backing away from the unconstitutional practice, White House officials have been working on more sophisticated tactics to subvert the public’s free speech rights.

Reports are now emerging about companies getting hired to make massive databases of supposedly unwelcome speech in private conversations on messaging platforms like WhatsApp.

The examples of wrongthink are compiled and stored thanks to users effectively spying and reporting on each other.

Benz calls this “a snitch network of citizen informants.”

The information thus obtained is then analyzed using some form of artificial intelligence (AI), resulting in the identification of “misinformation trends.”

In a post on X, Benz explains:

“The US gov’t is paying millions of dollars to censorship mercenary firms to build up a snitch network of citizen informants to



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