BBC Host Calls on Climate Activists to ‘Break the Law’ to Fight ‘Global Warming’

British TV host Chris Packham has called on his fellow climate activists to “break the law” in order to fight “global warming.”

Packham, a longtime host of the UK’s BBC and Channel 4 networks, made the call in a promo for his new eco-documentary titled “Is It Time to Break the Law?”

In the video, Packham urges green agenda mobs to “break the law” by claiming that it is “ethically responsible” for others to commit crimes to advance the “climate change” narrative.

Packham concludes that criminal acts may be necessary to make people listen to climate propaganda.

“It’s time to make up my own mind and decide if I think it’s time to break the law,” said Packham.

“No government, no major political party has ever significantly addressed the issue.”

“They haven’t been listening to us, the climate activists.

“If you’re an activist that’s already made the decision, that yes, you’re going to break the law – so long as no one is hurt, and there’s no lasting environmental damage – then you’ll have my support.”

“And personally, I think I’ve reached a point where I now consider it the ethically responsible thing to do.”


Personally , I’ve



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