Baseball Team Stands Ground, Refuses to Join Rest of MLB in Hosting 'Pride Month' Celebration – EVOL

Some might call it cosmic justice.

In 2023, the Texas Rangers stood alone among MLB clubs in refusing to host a “pride” month event. Then, in early November, the Rangers won their first World Series championship in franchise history.

Now, despite relentless pressure from people who have an entire month devoted to celebrating their sexual proclivities and sex-based identities, the Rangers have once again refused to host a “pride” night at their home ballpark in Arlington, Texas.

That stance has brought its share of criticism.

“Just stop making people feel like they aren’t welcome,” a former Rangers employee said last year.


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Longtime Rangers fan Rafael McDonnell expressed a similar sentiment in a story penned for the LGBT-focused Outsports.

“It feels a little like loving someone who doesn’t love you back,” McDonnell wrote following the Rangers’ World Series title.

Monday on the social media platform X, Levi Weaver of The Athletic actually bemoaned the fact that the Rangers’ website banner now reads “Straight Up Texas.” Previously, it read “Run It Back,” a reference to the club’s attempt at a championship repeat.

“At best,



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