Backstabbing RINO Speaker Mike Johnson Celebrates Democrats Seizing the House, Saying ‘We’re Happy’ – EVOL

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) celebrated the Democrats’ capture of the House, marking a historic moment as they joined forces with the opposition party to push President Joe Biden’s Ukraine border defense funding priority to a full House vote on Saturday.

“We look forward to every member voting their conscience and their desire, and that is exactly how this process is supposed to work and how the house is supposed to operate,” Johnson told reporters on Friday after passing a rules bill.

“So we’re happy to provide that,” he noted.

Democrats had a motive to support Johnson: he’s not like former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. “McCarthy was both incompetent and dishonest,” remarked Rep. Dan Kildee (D-MI), “but Johnson is just incompetent.”

Johnson’s inexplicable decision to collaborate with Democrats in advancing Biden’s Ukraine agenda happened on two occasions within a span of two days:

On Thursday, Johnson made history by teaming up with Democrats on the House Rules Committee to overcome objections from the majority and move forward with a rule bill to be presented on the House floor. On Friday, Democrats took control of the House and aided Johnson in overcoming a key procedural hurdle regarding



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