“TOTAL A**HOLE,” HUNTERScreenshot of David Axelrod November 5th, 2023 X/Tweet, per Fair Use, Removed Upon Request

David Axelrod’s recent X/Tweet advising Joe Biden to abandon his presidential campaign has just now unearthed a long running, subterranean feud between Team Obama and Team Biden. And that begs the question: What will Democratic voters do when they discover the ugly truth of the fake Obama-Biden bromance?

Here’s a screenshot of a telling May 2017 email between Eric Schwerin, Hunter Biden, and Alexander Mackler, who had just landed himself a job with Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss, now the special counsel supposedly investigating Hunter’s business crimes. JRB is Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr., our current president and former vice president. HRC is Hillary Rodham Clinton.

This was longtime Biden operative Mackler offering a bitter explanation of how and where Axelrod thwarted Joe Biden’s 2016 presidential ambitions. And then while Hunter remained silent, his trusted associate Eric Schwerin offered what is probably Joe and Hunter’s opinion of Axelrod as an, “A**hole.”

I’ll show that vulgarity in their quotes, but I won’t write it. I’ve got bigger things to focus on.

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