Australia to Ban Cash, Mandate ‘Digital Passport’ for Public

The Australian government is moving to ban all physical cash and mandate that all members of the public will require a “digital passport” to take part in society.

The World Economic Forum-infiltrated government is laying the groundwork for the establishment of “cashless societies” as part of a broader scheme to clamp down on public freedoms, according to a news report from Australia.

The government is claiming that the “digital passport” seeks to tackle “bad behavior” from dissenting citizens.

“Essentially it will work the same as a passport,” said the Today Show reporter.

“Australians will be forced to submit 100 points of identification like their driver’s license or their passport when using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.”

“Police will have access to those social media accounts and it’s all part of a crackdown on online abuse.

“Users could be liable for defamation suits or even criminal prosecution.

“It’s all part of a plan to stop users engaging in bad behavior.”

According to the global elite, “bad behavior” by social media users is any kind of dissent that opposes their radical agenda.


— illuminatibot (@iluminatibot) November 17, 2023

Meanwhile, Australia’s largest banks are banning cash from their



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