Attorney Lays Out Why Fani Willis’ Case Implicates ‘Conspiracy’ of 72 Million Trump Voters

Defense attorney Scott Grubman, representing a defendant in Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’ RICO case against the 2020 Trump campaign, made the argument that her case implicates tens of million of Trump voters because there is no limiting principle in her racketeering argument.

Grubman, arguing on behalf of the accused defendant Kenneth Chesebro, explained why Fani Willis’ case is fundamentally flawed and is dangerously close to violating the due process rights of the accused.

“Now, again, as I started off, your Honor, I understand that RICO does provide flexibility,” he said. “What I would argue to the court, however, is that of course, RICO does not overrule all of the rules and statutes and constitutional provisions that ensure that Mr. Chesbro not only has a speedy trial, which of course he’s already demanded, but a fair trial.”

“But it’s pretty clear here, Your Honor, that if this case were allowed to go to trial with either all 19 defendants, which obviously it seems like that’s probably not going to happen, but even with just Mr. Chesbro and Ms. Powell, you’re going to have two cases in one,” he continued. “You’re going to have, and I’ll be very interested to



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