Arrest Warrant Issued for Pennsylvania Democrat Kevin Boyle – EVOL

An arrest warrant has been issued for Pennsylvania Democrat State Rep. Kevin Boyle, according to police.

Boyle’s warrant comes after his 2021 arrest and charges related to harassment and violating a protection order filed by his then-wife.

His now-estranged wife took out the order to protect her from abuse from the Democrat representative, CBS News reported.

Boyle allegedly violated this protection order by contacting his estranged wife again via text.

The Democrat lawmaker has represented Pennsylvania’s 172 district, located in parts of Montgomery County and Northeast Philadelphia, since 2011.

The outlet notes that he’s in the process of campaigning for his eighth term in office.

In February, Boyle went viral for appearing intoxicated at the Gaul & Co. Malt House in Rockledge.

Footage appeared to catch him allegedly harassing and threatening staff at the establishment.

At one point he allegedly screamed at employees.

The video shows him yelling at staff while them if they “know who the f**k” he was.

“I can f**king end this bar, by the way,” Boyle could be heard saying at the start of the footage.

“I’ll f**king end this bar, by the way.

“This bar is so f**king done, by the way.”




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