Arizona Republicans Officially Declare Covid Shots ‘Biological Weapons’ – EVOL

The Arizona Republican Party has passed a “Ban the Jab” resolution and officially declared Covid mRNA shots “biological and technological bioweapons.”

The “Ban the Jab” resolution was submitted to Arizona Republicans by Dan Schultz of Precinct Strategy.

On Sunday, the state’s GOP almost unanimously voted to pass the resolution.

The resolution, which passed with approximately 96% of the vote, declares the Covid mRNA injections to be “biological and technological weapons.”

It also calls on the governor to prohibit their distribution.

The Arizona attorney general is now being called on to confiscate all vials of the vaccines and conduct a forensic analysis of their contents.

In addition to being an attorney, Schultz, a West Point graduate, is a former U.S. Army counterintelligence and human intelligence officer.

Previously, Schultz and Precinct Strategy, which seeks to wrestle control of the Republican Party back to the people, submitted the “Ban the Jab” resolution to the Maricopa County GOP.

The Maricopa County GOP passed the resolution on January 13.

In Maricopa, the largest Republican County in the nation, it was passed with 87.4% of the vote.

1306 votes were cast in favor of the resolution and 188 against, with a total of 1494 cast.



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