Argentina President Javier Milei Triggers Meltdown from Left While Blasting ‘Satanic’ Socialism in Europe – EVOL

Argentina President Javier Milei triggered a meltdown from Leftists in Spain after he blasted the nation’s “satanic” system of socialism.

During his visit to Spain, Milei slammed the country’s political ideology as cancerous and evil.

On Friday, the right-wing libertarian political leader and economist gave his first speech in the country.

“Let us not let the dark, black, satanic, atrocious, horrible carcinogenic side that is socialism prevail over us,” the Argentinian leader declared.

Far-left Spanish Labour Minister Yolanda Diaz responded by accusing Milei of spreading “hate” with his freedom-loving agenda.

“There aren’t many who sow hate, but they make a lot of noise and flood everything,” said Diaz, who is also a deputy prime minister.

“Milei and other governments of hate are back with their austerity measures and authoritarianism.”

However, Milei argues that his policies were putting his country back on track after being on “a decline of more than 100 years”.

Milei has made major cuts to the country’s spending and cut the size of its government, along with other measures.

His moves have resulted in its inflation rate plummeting.

The government is now recording surpluses for the first time in nearly two decades.

Prior to his visit to



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