Anti-Trump Movie ‘The Apprentice’ Bombs at Cannes Film Festival: ‘This Garbage Is Pure Fiction’ – EVOL

The new movie “The Apprentice,” depicting controversial incidents involving President Donald Trump, has bombed at the Cannes Film Festival, leaving the major industry event empty-handed.

Despite high expectations and significant corporate media buzz around the anti-Trump movie, “The Apprentice” left the Cannes Film Festival without any awards or a distribution deal in the United States, Breitbart reported.

The film, which faced legal threats from Trump, was one of the most controversial entries at Cannes this year.

It portrays unverified and salacious events from Trump’s life, including accusations of serious misconduct.

The filmmakers appear to have sought to cash in from smearing the 45th president with anti-Trump narratives while falsely claiming the film is “based on a true story.”

The move has also been convenetly timed to emerge in the run-up to the 2024 presidential election.

Before the festival, Trump’s legal team issued a cease-and-desist letter to the filmmakers.

The letter, directed at director Ali Abbasi and screenwriter Gabriel Sherman, demanded an immediate halt to distribution efforts.

Trump lawyers warn that the film is a series of falsehoods.

Trump’s chief spokesperson, Steven Cheung, vehemently criticized the film.

He stated, “We will be filing a lawsuit to address the blatantly false assertions



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