An Explosive New Book Creates More Scandal For Prosecutor Fani Willis - EVOL

From left to right: Reporter Michael Isikoff, some lady who’s supposed to know how secret grand juries work, and Reporter Daniel Klaidman

By Brian Cates

Most times, an explosive criminal case in a courtroom that garners massive national attention has reached its exciting conclusion with a jury verdict when the books start to be written and are published some months later.

But another strange feature of the rampant over-the-top, scorched-earth lawfare being frantically implemented to stop President Donald J. Trump’s reelection bid is that the books are coming out even before the trials are held.

Books like “Find Me The Votes” by reporters Michael Isikoff and Daniel Klaidman.

It should be noted that the cases being prosecuted against Trump and 18 others in Fulton County GA are all still in the pre-trial phase at this point. While several indicted defendants accepted plea deals – such as former Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis – others insist on continuing to plead not guilty and take their cases to trial.

Having covered criminal cases using grand juries in the past, I’m a little more than passingly familiar with the nature of grand jury investigations and rules.

This thread on X/Twitter caught my eye with its discussion about Isikoff



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