Amtrak Passenger Train Derails in Colorado after Hitting Farm Vehicle - EVOL

An Amtrak passenger train has derailed in Colorado after striking a farm vehicle on tracks, according to reports.

The train came into contact with a tractor hauling a tanker of milk, authorities said.

The crash caused the train to leave the tracks, sending at least three people to the hospital.

The California Zephyr train was traveling from the San Francisco Bay Area to Chicago when the crash happened at around 10 p.m. on Monday.

The incident occurred near Keenesburg, FOX31 Denver reported.

The tractor-trailer was crossing the tracks when the train struck the trailer’s back end.

The tractor was carrying a tanker filled with milk, the Colorado State Patrol told the station.

At least three people were being treated for minor injuries at a hospital, the station reported.

Police said one train employee, a 42-year-old male from Utah, suffered minor injuries.

The Amtrak worker’s conditions were not immediately known, however.

The tractor driver is a 31-year-old male from Arkansas.

State troopers said he was walking around after the crash but the extent of his injuries is unknown.

There were 69 passengers on board the train, Amtrak said.

The tractor-trailer was hauling milk and appears to be owned by Dairy Farmers of



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