American Leaders Agree to WEF's Plan to Ration Meat & Energy - EVOL

Leaders in the United States have agreed to move forward with the plan pushed by the World Economic Forum (WEF) to ration meat and dairy products, electricity, and gas for the American people.

Under the WEF’s plan, the general public will no longer be able to travel and buy food freely, instead being required to ask for permission from the government if they wish to consume food that came from a traditionally farmed animal or fill up their car with fossil fuels.

The WEF’s plan seeks to eliminate the farming industry and push citizens into driving expensive China-dependent electric vehicles (EVs).

To avoid facing rations, the American people would need to switch to eating lab-grown “meats” and insect-based “foods” and drive an EV.

According to the WEF, these drastic measures are necessary to “save the planet” from the “climate crisis.”

However, despite the plan causing unprecedented cuts to citizens’ quality of life, the vast majority of America’s power elite say they fully support the agenda and are calling on President Joe Biden to sign the WEF’s treaty to commit to the program.

Worryingly, Biden has expressed his overwhelming support for the plan and is urging the WEF, and globalist



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