American Actress Angelina Jolie Claims: ‘Hollywood Is Not a Healthy Place Anymore’

Hollywood superstar Angelina Jolie recently disclosed that she’s much done living in Los Angeles, stating, “Hollywood is not a healthy place.”

In a chat with The Wall Street Journal, Angelina Jolie stated she is ready to leave Los Angeles, although she didn’t provide a specific timeframe.

“It’s part of what happened after my divorce. I lost the ability to live and travel as freely. I will move when I can,” she told the newspaper, adding that she will spend more time at her home in Cambodia.

“I grew up in quite a shallow place,” she said. “Of all the places in the world, Hollywood is not a healthy place. So you seek authenticity.”

Jolie is the most recent celebrity to throw in the towel when it comes to crime-infested Los Angeles.

Stars including Mark Wahlberg, Dean Cain, and Scott Baio have already made the decision and left Los Angeles.

In recent years, crime rates have surged in Los Angeles County due to the soft-on-crime policies implemented by District Attorney George Gascon (D), which have led to the decriminalization of a wide range of offenses.

Smash-and-grabs have become endemic to Southern California, while shoplifting is now so commonplace that drug



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