Alvin Bragg’s Witness Admits to ‘More Serious Crime’ than Trump’s Charges – EVOL

The “star witnesses” presented by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg have ended up derailing the so-called “hush money” trial against President Donald Trump.

One of the witnesses even confessed to committing serious crimes during their testimony.

In fact, the crimes they admitted to are more serious than the allegations Trump is standing trial for.

Bragg’s “star witnesses,” Stormy Daniels and Michael Cohen, are now learning the hard way that taking down Trump isn’t going to be as easy as the Democrats had hoped.

Additionally, Bragg’s witnesses are also admitting that Trump isn’t the evil figure that the Democrat prosecution is portraying him to be.

Trump’s enemies have been trying so hard to destroy him that they are throwing all caution to the wind.

In the process, they are implicating themselves in serious crimes while trying to paint Trump as a criminal.

Both Daniels and Cohen thought they might become heroes in the eyes of liberal America for helping take down Trump.

Cohen even admitted from the witness stand that he’s considering a run for Congress, reportedly as a Democrat.

Instead, they’ve only exposed what terrible people they are and destroyed their own credibility in the process.

Daniels had alleged for



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