Alan Dershowitz Reveals ‘Major’ Issue in Trump Criminal Trial – EVOL

The retired Harvard Law professor weighed in on the New York case.

Retired Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz said last week that he believes the prosecutor who brought the New York criminal case against former President Donald Trump should instead be investigated.

In a social media post late last week, Mr. Dershowitz said that a “major [issue]” in the case is how prosecutors will have to prove to the jury that payments President Trump sent to a former associate and lawyer, Michael Cohen, are actually illegal. In the case, prosecutors alleged that President Trump allegedly initiated a reimbursement plan for Mr. Cohen so he could pay an adult film performer to remain silent about an alleged affair the former president has denied.

“The only justification for paying the money is avoid a lawsuit,” the retired professor said, adding that if he made those payments to “avoid exposure” and “publicity,” it’s “extortion, and he’s then the victim of a serious crime.”

“The only way it’s not extortion is if the money was paid to avoid a lawsuit, and if the money was paid to avoid a lawsuit, it’s a legal expense,” Mr. Dershowitz said.

Describing the case as a “fabrication of a crime” against



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