Alabama Supreme Court Rules Frozen Embryos Are ‘Children’ – EVOL

The Alabama Supreme Court has officially ruled that frozen embryos are considered “children” in the eyes of the law.

According to the state’s highest court, the statute “applies to all unborn children, regardless of their location.”

The court determined that laws concerning the wrongful death of minors apply to frozen embryos as well because they are equally considered children under Alabama law.

A group of IVF patients sued the court, claiming that a patient accidentally destroyed their embryos in December 2020 after removing them from a cryogenic storage unit and dropping them to the ground.

The court reached this majority verdict in the case, as The Hill reported.

This is despite the current administration’s promises to reverse the recent Supreme Court decision that again left abortion rights up to states and protect the “reproductive rights” of women nationwide.

The plaintiffs went on to sue the Center for Reproductive Medicine in two separate cases, claiming that it had broken the legislation concerning the unborn child (the Wrongful Death of a Minor Act) in Alabama.

The plaintiffs also sought compensatory damages by alleging the clinic was negligent; however, they were only required to do so in the event that the Alabama Courts



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