Aggressive Climate Activist Confronts Sen Joe Manchin, Regrets It – EVOL

Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) didn’t respond kindly when he was confronted by an aggressive climate activist in Massachusetts.

On Friday, Manchin was visiting the Harvard Kennedy School in Cambridge.

A video shared online shows an activist representing the “climate change” group Climate Defiance suddenly approached Manchin who was sitting down during the round-table discussion.

“Joe Manchin, you sold our futures and got rich doing it,” the protester told the senator.

“You sick f**k! How dare you?” the leftist yelled at Manchin.

However, the comment appeared to immediately anger Manchin.

Manchin immediately stood up and began to make his way toward the activist before a man stepped between the two.

The activist continued trying to yell at Manchin before he was shoved down to the ground.


Manchin was later seen speaking with the activists, saying, “Y’all want to sit down somewhere and talk?”

“I’m not going to sit down,” one activist responds.

“You’ve received more funding from fossil fuels than any other senator.”

“You’ve made millions, you’ve made millions out of your position,” another activist tells Manchin.

“You drive a Maserati.”

“Oh my goodness,” Manchin is heard saying in response.

The activists specifically honed in on questioning the senator



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