Abandoned Lawsuit: Families of Deceased COVID Vaccine Recipients End Legal Pursuit Against Astrazeneca – EVOL

Families who lost loved ones after receiving the AstraZeneca Covid vaccine have dropped their lawsuits against the pharmaceutical company after being informed that they were unlikely to win.

Gareth Eve and other families withdrew from the High Court case after being told that a leaflet issued during the pandemic warned of a rare side effect associated with the vaccine. Legal experts believe that this warning could protect AstraZeneca against cases brought by families who received the vaccine after April 7, 2021.

However, more than 50 families are still suing the company because their vaccines were administered before the warning was added to patient safety leaflets.

The pharmaceutical giant is facing a class action lawsuit over claims that its vaccine caused death and serious injury in some cases. AstraZeneca is contesting these claims, and while the government has indemnified the company against legal action, it has not intervened in the lawsuits.

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