7 Jurors Sworn In For Trump Trial, More To Come – EVOL

The vast majority of news sources consumed by the jurors is politically left-leaning.

The first seven jurors have been selected and sworn in to serve on former president Donald Trump’s criminal trial in New York, with the selection process continuing to pick another five to make up the 12-member jury panel, as lawyers grilled members of the jury pool to determine whether they can sit in fair judgment of the former president.

Potential jurors faced hours of questions on April 16, with dozens of potential members quizzed on their occupation, marital status, social media posts, and where they got their news.

Each side used several preemptory strikes to reject certain jurors, while others were stricken over politically charged social media posts.

In one case that sparked a spate of controversial online reactions, Judge Juan Merchan ruled that the juror who joined an election victory parade for President Joe Biden was not disqualified because the juror claimed she thought it was celebration of essential workers.

“This doesn’t seem just,” Tesla CEO Elon Musk wrote in a post on X, commenting on the development.“Now imagine if Biden were on trial in red Mississippi & the judge declared that a juror wearing a MAGA hat who attended



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