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The far-left, Muslim Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan’s official website has claimed that a white family is not representative of the population of Britain’s capitol city, sparking a wave of backlash and allegations of racism on behalf of the Mayor and his team.

The now-deleted post, which appeared in a guide on how to best represent the position of London Mayor and the Greater London Authority (GLA), showed a white family walking along the river Thames in front of the Houses of Parliament, with the words “doesn’t represent real Londoners” written boldly above. The picture appears to be a stock image from 2013.

The Mayor came in for sharp criticism, with a staffer arguing: “The photo captain was added by a staff member in error, and doesn’t reflect the view of the Mayor or the Greater London Authority.”

But broadly speaking, the Mayor’s office is correct. As of the 2021 census data, London’s population was around 9 million, with just 36.8 percent of that being “White British”. Twenty-one percent is “Asian British”, while 13.5% is Black, and the rest are “Mixed” or “Other”. These numbers also exclude the hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants living in Greater London.




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