Who is Pedro L. Gonzalez, Anyway? Marxist, Son of a Mexican Murderer?

Pedro L. Gonzalez – a vocal supporter of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s presidential campaign who is often boosted by official DeSantis staffers – has a known history of wildly racist posts, which he now blames on having once supported President Donald J. Trump. What is less known about Gonzalez, however, is where he came from, and why he now feels the need to attack right-wing conservatives online in his pursuit of political internet relevance.

In recent months, Gonzales has lashed out at Trump-supporting individuals such as Jack Posobiec, Charlie Kirk, and Laura Loomer, often accusing said figures of being bought and paid for.

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Gonzalez, also recently supported DeSantis press secretary Jeremy Redfern’s calls to deport conservative reporters who disagree with him.

The tactic is perhaps less surprising when you learn of Pedro’s “former” Marxist past. A keen supporter of the authoritarian leftist Bernie Sanders, Gonzalez’s own Mexican father – also apparently named Pedro Gonzalez – is said to have stabbed a man, possibly to death, before fleeing Mexico for California in the 1940s.



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