Whistleblower Claims FBI Attempted to Purge Potential Trump Supporters From Their Ranks

The corruption of the FBI runs deep.

There is little doubt that the bureau is also very anti-Trump generally speaking.

New allegations from whistleblowers reveal the lengths that the FBI may have gone to in order to purge itself of any potential supporters of President Donald Trump.

These whistleblowers went straight to Congress to allege that high-ranking officials in the FBI targeted military veterans due to the fact that they fit the profile of Trump supporters.

The FBI officials allegedly did so by stripping these agents of their security clearances.

The two names that came up were FBI Security Division Deputy Assistant Director Jeffrey Veltri as well as Assistant Section Chief Dena Perkins.

The allegations are that these two specifically targeted employees who previously served in the Marines and other branches of the military.

EXCLUSIVE: Whistleblowers: FBI officials singled out agents who were former military for anti-Trump retaliation – https://t.co/iJedNZRpyR@washtimes

— Kerry Picket (@KerryPicket) November 10, 2023

The Washington Times shed some light on this issue:

More whistleblowers have stepped forward to tell Congress that high-ranking FBI officials are targeting agents for their political beliefs and trying to force them out of the bureau, specifically going after



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