When Teens Descend on D.C. for School Trips They Snap Up Trump Merchandise – EVOL

School trips to Washington, D.C., are a much-anticipated ritual for students nationwide.  Hordes of teens flow through the nation’s capital throughout the year to visit the wide variety of museums and the key bodies of the republic the city has to offer.

Buying souvenirs commemorating the trip is another honored tradition, and local shops say the teens know what they want when they descend on the businesses-Trump merchandise.

The Washington Post reports:

Back at I Love DC Gifts, Khalid Ismail said the best-selling item is a cherry blossom sweatshirt that says “Good Vibes.” Even in June — months after the city’s famously fleeting flowers have come and gone and daily temperatures approach 90 degrees — the sweatshirt dominates. Ismail said he’s never seen anything bewitch customers so fervently, although Trump merch is a close second: T-shirts with his mug shot and visors with fake orange hair flowing out the top.

“We have no horse in the race, politically. Like, we don’t care, but man — people love him,” Ismail said. “Anything Trump-themed, anything with his name on it … people are buying it.”

Luke Wilbur has noticed the same. Wilbur, 56, used to own Washington DC Gift Shop on Pennsylvania



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