WHAT A DISGRACE: Thieves Try to Gun Down Tennessee Homeowner After He Catches Them Trying to Steal His Van — Police Arrest Homeowner for Firing Back in Self-Defense! (VIDEO)

A homeowner in crime-ridden Shelby County, Tennessee, is behind bars after firing his gun in self-defense at thieves trying to steal a van outside his house.

Fox 13 Memphis reported the man was alerted by his home surveillance system at around 2 a.m. Saturday that several individuals were outside his house.

Once the man, who has since been identified as 40-year-old Victor Luna-Rodriguez, stepped outside, the thugs fired multiple shots at him while he was standing underneath the porch light of his home.

Luna-Rodriguez fired back at the thieves three times.

A hailstorm of bullets was then fired by the burglars, and Luna-Rodriguez responded by returning fire approximately four more times.

Finally, the thieves took off as another shot was fired from the window of their car. The footage concludes with Luna-Rodriguez going back inside the house.

When the Shelby County police arrived on the scene, they demonstrated no concern for attempted robbery or the thieves’


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