WEF Using Food Supply to Control Citizens Worldwide – EVOL

The unelected globalist organization the World Economic Forum (WEF) is using the food supply to seize control of citizens worldwide.

Klaus Schwab’s Switzerland-based group is pushing to eliminate natural foods such as meat and dairy by destroying the agriculture industry.

The WEF plans to replace meat and dairy with insect-based “foods,” Bill Gates-backed lab-grown “beef” and “chicken,” and synthetic “milk” and “butter.”

By replacing natural food growing, the WEF is planning to corporatize mass-produced, ultra-processed “alternatives.”

However, the WEF’s plans are not intended to be options.

The organization has been working with governments around the world to usher in these plans.

An investigative journalist, Nate Halverson, uncovered smoking-gun evidence exposing governments and corporations seeking to control global food supplies.

China is at the forefront of this movement as its government is backing the purchase of major food companies and resources worldwide to ensure food security and political stability.

“The Chinese government kind of clued into something before other folks, which is that in the 21st century, food is power,” Halverson reveals.

“Like you need to control food to control your political future.”

The control of food is increasingly being recognized as a powerful tool for governments to exert control



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