WEF Is Dictating Canada’s ‘Climate Change’ Policies, Documents Show – EVOL

Newly revealed documents show that the globalist World Economic Forum (WEF) has been dictating Canada’s radical “climate change” policies.

Additionally, the docs show that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s far-left government has been paying the WEF with taxpayer money.

The documents were unsealed in response to an Order Paper Question sent by Conservative MP Leslyn Lewis.

The documents reveal Trudeau’s “Environment and Climate Change” (ECCC) department paid the WEF to produce a report to draft the government’s environmental agenda.

The report included the economic policies for Canada’s ever-increasing carbon tax.

In August 2019, the ECCC department’s then-minister, Catherine McKenna, gave $493,937 of taxpayer dollars to the WEF to produce the report, the docs show.

Specifically, the documents reveal the ECCC gave money “to enable [the WEF] to produce and disseminate a report that will establish the business and economic case for safeguarding nature.”

“This report will be directed at senior decision-makers in governments and businesses who have the influence and ability to shift business-as-usual approach,” the ECCC stated.

Six months later, the WEF provided the Canadian government with updates to the nation’s “climate” policies.

In its report New Nature Economy Report Series, the WEF sourced papers to justify favoring a carbon



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