WEF Demands Governments Replace Meat with Insect-Based 'Food' – EVOL

The World Economic Forum (WEF) is demanding that governments introduce strict new laws to ban meat and dairy products from the general public’s food supply and replace them with insects.

The WEF has ordered governments around the world to push fake meat and insect-based proteins onto the masses in a coordinated effort to drive “consumer behavior change.”

In a white paper entitled “Creating a Vibrant Food Innovation Ecosystem: How Israel Is Advancing Alternative Proteins Across Sectors,” the authors claim that the push towards alternative proteins requires a global effort of governments and corporations working together to manipulate human behavior.

“Government leadership is needed to develop and promote alternative proteins and address one of the biggest global challenges of this era”

World Economic Forum, Creating a Vibrant Food Innovation Ecosystem, May 22, 2024

According to the report, achieving universally accessible protein will require multiple transition pathways:

Accelerating protein diversification Advancing sustainable production systems Driving consumer behavior change

What’s the reason behind the push to drive consumer behavior change towards fake meat and other alternative proteins?

“The science is clear: it will be impossible for governments and others, including farmers, the private sector and consumers, to meet their obligations under the



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