WEF: 99% of Humans Will Be Replaced by AI – EVOL

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has promised globalists attending the “Summer Davos” event in China that artificial intelligence (AI) will soon replace 99% of humans on Earth.

Global elites at WEF’s Annual Meeting of the New Champions in Dalian, China salivated while being told that “useless humans” will soon be eliminated and replaced with AI technology.

The WEF told attendees gathered for the event that the remaining one percent of humans will oversee AI workflows that will transform “our” decision-making.

The news was announced by WEF “agenda contributor” and CausaLens founder and CEO Darko Matovski.

Matovski laid out the WEF’s vision of the future during the panel on “What Can AI Assistants Do?”

“We’re going to end up in a world where 99 percent of all intelligence is artificial, and the one percent — the human intelligence, will act as a backstop to the 99 percent of artificial intelligence,” said Matovski.

“We’re not there yet, and we’re not ready for that world, but that’s the world we are embarking to create.

“In that world, we will need to choose, depending on a use case, where is the line between autonomy and control?

“Where does the one percent of the



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