WATCH: Ronna McDaniel GRILLED By Reporter For Neglecting GOP Candidates

Ronna McDaniel, Chairwoman of the Republican National Committee (RNC), has come under fire following a lackluster performance by the GOP in the recent elections. During a heated exchange on a post-debate show, McDaniel was questioned about the RNC’s apparent lack of involvement in Virginia’s elections, as claimed by Governor Youngkin.

The conversation highlighted McDaniel’s claim that she was informed in the summer that the RNC’s involvement wasn’t needed due to sufficient funding in Virginia.

Townhall reporter Larry O’Connor asked, “I just want to clarify one quick thing though. The RNC had no involvement in these elections in Virginia per Governor Youngkin’s request?”

“We were told in the summer they didn’t need us, that they had all the money and they were good. So that was the conversation,” McDaniel responded.

Prominent figures within the Republican Party have directed criticism at Ronna McDaniel, attributing the party’s lackluster results in the 2023 elections to her leadership. This perspective is part of a broader narrative of dissatisfaction, pointing to a series of electoral disappointments since McDaniel assumed leadership of the GOP.

These setbacks have spanned various political races, encompassing losses in governorships, Senate and House seats, as well as a presidential election.

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