WATCH: RAV’s Ben Bergquam Releases New Shocking Video of Massive Invasion Location Discovered in Sasabe, Arizona

Ben Bergquam, host of Law and Border on Real America’s Voice, was down at the border again. This time he was in Sasabe, Arizona, which is a remote area next to the southern border. He is consistently doing what the mainstream media won’t, which is showing us just how bad Biden’s border crisis is.

As Ben was walking along the border wall, you can see countless amounts of illegals sitting against the wall, waiting to turn themselves in. Remote areas like this were also used for cartels to run drugs but are also being used now to bring in illegals.

Ben had gone up to numerous individuals that were waiting and asked them in Spanish where they were planning to go. Some said Mississippi, California, Pennsylvania, Nashville, Maryland and New York, among other locations.

He was offering help when he noticed a girl looked sick. He called for help on a satellite phone to the Border Patrol and asked one of them to translate. It turns out she had not eaten in two days.

Ben put the blame on the humanitarian groups that are showing up at the border to help because they are enabling the cartels. The



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