WATCH: Election Offices in Georgia, Washington Received ‘Suspicious’ Envelopes

Authorities in Georgia and Washington are currently probing into “suspicious” envelopes that were mailed to election offices on Wednesday. Officials are characterizing these packages as acts of “terrorism,” sparking investigations into the matter.

Steve Hobbs, the Secretary of State in Washington, has disclosed that election workers in multiple counties received envelopes containing “unknown powdery substances” on Wednesday. This led to the evacuation of the affected offices.

The Spokane Police Department has confirmed that an envelope containing white powder received by the Spokane County Elections Office tested positive for fentanyl and negative for agents and explosives.

A powdery envelope sent to election workers in King County has also shown a “presumptive” positive result for fentanyl, according to Detective Robert Onishi of the Renton Police Department. The substance will undergo additional lab testing to confirm and determine the quantity of fentanyl it contains.

Another elections office in Pierce County was evacuated when a worker discovered an envelope “that dispersed a white powdery substance.”

The Washington State Patrol and Tacoma fire crews swiftly responded and confirmed that the substance in question was determined to be baking soda, as stated by a police spokesperson.

The spokesman told the outlet: “A letter inside the



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