WATCH: CNN Host Savagely Fact-Checks And Humiliates Far-Left Jayapal On Debt Ceiling

On Thursday, CNN host Poppy Harlow hilariously fact-checked and schooled Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) on the looming debt ceiling issue. The interaction exposed a growing disconnect between the far-left political stance and the voice of the American majority.

During the interview, Harlow cited a recent CNN poll, stating, “60% of Americans say Congress should only raise the debt ceiling if it comes with spending cuts at the same time, and that includes 58% of independents. Is your position out of step now, Congresswoman, with the majority of the American people?”

Jayapal responded by deflecting from the poll’s core finding. She suggested that if the poll had asked if people would rather cut spending by reducing tax breaks for the wealthiest or cutting their own healthcare and education, the results would lean more towards the former.

However, she conveniently sidestepped the fact that the poll specifically queried about raising the debt ceiling in conjunction


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