WATCH: CNN Analyst Casually Admits That Mar-A-Lago Is Worth Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars – EVOL

A CNN contributor casually admitted that Mar-A-Lago is worth hundreds of millions of dollars when discussing New York Attorney General Letitia James’ civil fraud case against former President Donald Trump, which culminated in a judge ruling that the property is only worth between $18 and $35 million.

Real estate expert Bess Freedman joined CNN to discuss the potential seizure of Trump’s Westchester golf course and estate, a move James has already taken initial steps towards. Trump has until Monday to pay the entirety of the $434 million fine levied against him by Monday, otherwise James has promised to seize his properties.

“You need at least 30 days to get any of these properties sold. But the property that you alluded to, Mar-A-Lago, potentially that could be something that could be sold quickly. I think the valuation is something in the hundreds of millions and I think there could be a buyer for something like that,” Freedman said.

“And that would be, literally, if you’re talking about doing that between now and Monday, that’s picking up the phone calling someone and then literally writing a check,” CNN’s Erin Burnett added.

“Yeah, I mean there could be plenty of international people who



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