WATCH: Biden Brutally Fact-Checked In Real Time During Iowa Speech

During his speech in Iowa on Wednesday, President Joe Biden was met with real-time fact-checks that challenged several of his claims on inflation, his economic policies, and their impact on Americans.

Biden, addressing the gathering in Des Moines, asserted, “Inflation’s coming down … this is no accident, it’s Bidenomics!” However, the inflation rate remains more than double what it was when Biden first assumed office.

The President then went on to relate ‘Bidenomics’ with the American Dream, saying, “Folks, ‘Bidenomics’ is just another way of saying the American Dream!” Yet, recent polls indicate that just over a quarter of Americans believe that Biden’s economic policies, colloquially termed ‘Bidenomics,’ have been beneficial for the country.

“We’re not only transforming rural communities, we’re transforming our economy!” But, the data paints a contrasting picture. Under his administration, Americans have reportedly seen a 3.2% decrease in their pay, while the prices of goods and services have surged by over 17%.

Discussing the agriculture industry, the President commented on corporations saying, “Corporations that sell seed, fertilizer, and even farm equipment use their outsize market power to change farmers.”

The President seemed to have moments of mental fog, particularly when mentioning attendees at his speech. Biden



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