Victor Davis Hanson Analyzes the 'Full Leftwing Meltdown' as Trump Rises in Polls – EVOL

There is no denying that conservative scholar and historian Victor Davis Hanson is one of the smartest men in America. He understands not only the politics of the right, but also the progressive left.

As Trump is rising in polls where Republicans are not even supposed to be competitive, Hanson sees an increasing panic on the left which manifests in cable news segments and interviews with prominent Democrats, as well as in the behavior of left wing activists on the street.

In a very long screed on Twitter/X this week, Hanson outlined and analyzed what the left is going through right now, and what they will do as Trump becomes more of an inevitability.

From Twitter/X:

Anatomy of a Full Leftwing Meltdown

The media is afire with warnings of the impending Trump “dictatorship”. Celebrities, the Squad, and Biden administration grandees vie to conjure up the most nightmarish things that Trump might do to them.

What drives their current mounting hysteria?

1) The Left feels it may be heading to an historic 1972 McGovern-like or 1980 Carteresque blowout. And it is terrified at this late date that it cannot do anything either about the escalating dementia of Joe Biden, or



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