USAID Tells Teachers to Hide Students’ Gender Identity from Parents


The Agency for International Development (USAID) instructs education officials to hide students’ gender identities and sexual orientation from their parents.

A guide from USAID entitled “Integrating LGBTQI+ Considerations into Education Programming” was created in order to “support USAID’s staff working in the education sector to integrate lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and intersex (LGBTQI+1) considerations into programming.”

It also identifies some of the challenges and obstacles that LGBTQI+ individuals can face in the education sector” and “provides approaches that can be used to integrate LGBTQI+ considerations into the education sector.”

One portion of the guide specifically calls on education officials to hide students’ gender identity or sexuality from their parents in order to “protect students’ privacy.

The guide says “Ensure that education officials do not reveal a student’s sexual orientation or gender identity without the student’s permission – even to the student’s family. Students may elect to hide their sexual orientation or gender identity from family and close friends, which makes it imperative that educators respect students’ right to privacy.”

The guide also explains how it helps fulfill USAID’s mission, remarking “Promoting equity and inclusion is a key principle … and reflects USAID’s commitment to reach marginalized populations.”

Another portion of the document adds “Efforts to improve the learning outcomes and expand access to quality, equitable, and inclusive education of LGBTQI+ students across the education continuum directly support the U.S. Government Strategy on International Basic Education and USAID Education Policy.”