U.S. Confirms Airstrike on ISIS Leader in Somalia, Death Unverified – EVOL

The United States conducted a significant military operation targeting the global leader of ISIS in Somalia. On May 31, the U.S. announced that three militants were killed in an airstrike in Somalia. Still, officials are uncertain if the primary target, ISIS leader Abdulqadir Mumin, was among the dead.

According to U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM), the airstrike occurred in a remote area 50 miles southeast of Bosaso, Somalia, and successfully eliminated three ISIS militants without causing civilian casualties. Although the initial AFRICOM statement did not disclose the identities of those targeted, three U.S. officials have since confirmed that Mumin was the intended target.

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Abdulqadir Mumin, publicly recognized as the head of ISIS in Somalia, quietly rose to become the global leader of the terrorist organization last year. The U.S. government has accused Mumin of orchestrating numerous deadly attacks in Somalia, including the assassination of a judicial official in 2019 and the 2016 capture and prolonged occupation of a city in the Puntland region.

Abdulqadir Mumin a.k.a. Abdul al-Qadir Mumin Founder and leader. Credit: National Counterterrorism Center

A senior administration official confirmed the strike aimed at a senior ISIS figure but withheld the name, noting



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