U.S Army Begs Unvaxxed Troops to Return

The United States Army has sent begging letters to troops who underwent involuntary discharge because they refused to be vaccinated for Covid.

The Army is reaching out to the unvaxxed soldiers and offering to correct their military records if they return to service.

A copy of the letter was obtained by Igor Chudov:

Just two years ago, in a shameful campaign, the Pentagon was gleefully discharging soldiers who refused to take Covid vaccines.

We were assured that these discharges would “not affect military readiness.”

“I can tell you there are no operational impacts across the force for readiness,” Marine Corps Lt. Gen. David Ottignon told lawmakers.

“There’s no one community that has signaled an instance where a [leader], an NCO or another enlisted Marine is not present because of that.”

The Marine Corps has, by far, kicked out the most service members: 1,968 total, 20% of whom received an honorable discharge.

That amounts to just under 1% of the total force, which stands at about 215,000.

However, the readiness suffered: thousands of service members were dismissed, and potential recruits declined to enlist in the Armed Services because young healthy men loath Covid vaccines.

More than 17,000 service members balked at taking



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