Tucker Carlson Warns America Is on the ‘Brink of Collapse’

Independent news anchor Tucker Carlson has warned that “abrupt change is coming” to the United States.

During a speech at a media gala on Tuesday, Carlson said he believes that America is now on the “brink of collapse.”

In a video of the speech posted his his Twitter/X account, Carlson warns that America’s current trajectory is leading to her downfall.

“If something really dramatic in your country happens — like young people can’t, I don’t know, get married, you know, or buy houses or have any hope for a future that approaches, you know, the middle-class upbringing they had — then you’ve got a huge problem and someone should be responding to that,” Carlson said.

“And if your economy is like on the brink of collapse, you know, if your country is literally bankrupt, I hope someone would say that.

“Or how about this? Let’s start with pretending you care,” Carlson stated.

“But you know what doesn’t work? Saying we’re going to spend $100 billion in other countries.”

In his speech, Carlson highlighted the endless flow of American taxpayer money that is being funneled overseas, specifically toward the Ukraine-Russia war.

Democrat President Joe Biden’s administration and Congress, so far,



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