Trump’s Got Big Plans If He’s Elected in 2024 – It’s Already Being Called His ‘Revenge Term’

Depending on where you stand on the political/ideological spectrum, former President Donald Trump represents one of two wildly different things:

For Democrats and leftists, he’s a looming dictatorial boogeyman that will destroy this country For Republicans and conservatives, he’s one of the very last glimmers of hope to save this country

Ironically enough, both of those divergent sentiments are rooted in the same two things: The increasing likelihood of a second Trump term and whatever plans Trump would bring to that hypothetical term.

Take, for instance, this doomsday (but kind of cool-sounding) headline from The Guardian, a left-leaning outlet.

“‘A revenge term’: what would another four years of Trump look like?” the article’s headline reads, right above a photo that suspiciously looks like it’s trying to give Trump devil horns with some less-than-flattering positioning.

“It is a cold day in Washington,” the loquacious author, David Smith, began. “A crowd is gathering on the National Mall for the swearing-in of the 47th president of the United States. At noon on 20 January 2025, Donald Trump places his hand on a Bible, takes the oath of office and delivers an inaugural address with a simple theme: retribution.

“This is the



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