Trump Gets EPIC Birthday Surprise – EVOL

Republican legislators surprised former President Donald Trump with an early birthday present during his visit to Capitol Hill on Thursday. This marked Trump’s first appearance on Capitol Hill since the events of January 6, 2021. During the meeting, Trump engaged in discussions with Republicans regarding campaign tactics for the upcoming November election.

He expressed his admiration for House Speaker Mike Johnson and made a strong commitment to supporting Republicans in achieving significant victories in the election. Furthermore, Trump announced his ambition to secure victories in all states. Reports indicate that the lawmakers presented him with a birthday cake as a surprise.

“The meeting came on the eve of the former president’s 78th birthday and Senator Tommy Tuberville told Newsweek that Republicans presented him with a cake. It was reportedly chocolate,” the outlet said.

The outlet added:

“[Senator] Mike Lee said the cake had “45” and “47” candles on it, a reference to his first term as president and the potential for him to be the 47th president, as well. Before blowing out the candles, Trump said he would make a wish that related to “everyone in this room,” according to Senator Cynthia Lummis. Representative Matt Gaetz characterized the



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